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A curated box of unique fruits and vegetables you’ve never heard of, delivered monthly

Support independent, small farmers from across the country. Get unusual produce in return.

Your FruitStand Membership helps small-holder farms grow unique produce, not traditionally found online or in grocery stores.

  • Once a month, receive a freshly harvested produce box shipped direct from small-scale US farms
  • Swap or Skip Monthly Boxes based on your preferences
  • Save 15% on all other limited run farm offers
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All plans ship one unique box of produce each month direct from the farm. Free shipping included.

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Give the gift of discovery & experience while supporting small, independent farms

The FruitStand 3-Month Gift Membership


Membership includes

  • Once a month, receive a freshly harvested produce box shipped direct from independent, small-scale US farms
  • Swap or Skip Monthly Boxes based on your preferences
  • Save 15% on all other limited run farm offers

"The big picture is that we are investing in independent growers who are forging the future of sustainable land management, while educating consumers about the choices they have available."

— Victor, Annual Member

The Harvest Calendar

What To Expect

Each month, you will receive something unique and unusual, such as a box of one of the incredible items below

Ships direct 2-day via FedEx

from independent small-scale farms to your table each month

Enough For 2 - 4 people

to discover, experience, and enjoy each month

  • Yuzu & Sudachi
  • Guava
  • Fresh Wasabi
  • Sapodilla
  • Sapodilla
  • Mixed Tangerines
  • Hawaiian Fresh Ginger
  • Oro Blanco Grapefruits
  • Organic Khadrawy & Halawy Dates
  • Fuerte and Bacon Avocados
  • Cara Cara Oranges
  • Blood Oranges
  • Heirloom Beans
  • Mixed Tree Syrups
  • Late Season Citrus
  • Green Mangos
  • Lychee
  • Mamey Sapote
  • Papaya
  • Mahachanok Mangoes
  • Garlic Scapes
  • Loquats
  • Cherries
  • Philippino Eggplants
  • Caviar Limes
  • Mixed Stone Fruit
  • White Pineapple
  • Yellow Watermelons & Canary Melons
  • Rambutan
  • Star Fruit
  • Longan
  • Mixed Tropical Avocado
  • Passion fruit
  • Pineapple Guava
  • Organic Dragon Fruit
  • Heirloom Grapes & Raisins
  • Cherimoya
  • Nuss Bros Row 7 Box
  • Heritage Garlic
  • Rare Apples
  • Black Sapote
  • Mixed Persimmons
  • Rare Heirloom Potatoes
  • Monroe Avocados
  • Rick's Mixed
  • Fuyu Persimmons
  • Rare Pears

How It Works

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The farm will pick and ship your produce via FedEx 2-Day to ensure quality & freshness.

Picked ripe. Delivered fresh.

Star Fruit from Paradise Farms in Homestead, Florida

July Member Experience

Soooooo delicious!
I've never had star fruit before and was so excited to find them on Fruitstand. They are delicious, easy to use, easy to store and a great new find!

— Jackie L.

Mixed Avocado Box from Serendib Farms in Redland, Floriday

August Member Experience

Fun experience!
I joined the monthly membership box as a way to both support small farmers and get exposed to new produce I’ve never tried before. It’s been such a fun experience so far.

— Sabrina D.

Caviar Limes from Good Land Organics in Goleta, CA

June Member Experience

Can't get these locally but they are awesome
My kids love these. These are the best garnish ever, and make everything better. They are also super fun. I live in remote Alaska and they arrived quickly and in excellent condition with reasonable shipping costs. Perfect.

— Trenton

Meet the Innovative Farms Behind These Experiences

Rick's Produce
Fallbrook, CA
Slow Island Co.
Kaua'i, HI
Mud Creek
Wimal and Elita Suaris
Serendib Farms
Redland, FL
Stacey and Alex
Iron Ox Farm
Boston, MA
Unique Produce You Don't See In The Grocery Store
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